The Future of Agencies


I'm currently conducting a major research project focusing on the future of agencies, working with Econsultancy. It's a revamp of the report I did three years ago on the same subject. As part of it I've been interviewing a large number of senior agency-side personnel from around the world working in all types of agency from the big management consultancies to traditional above the line creative agencies, from digital and technology focused agencies to major media agencies to newer content marketing focused outfits. Some truly compelling and (dareisayit) potentially transformative stuff has already come out of it. It seems as though a LOT has changed over the past two years. 

I'll be giving a first take on our findings in a webinar on 22nd of July. If you'd like to sign up for that, and get an early preview of the key findings you can do so here:

22nd July 9.00AM London time
22nd July 5.00PM London time

Post of the Month - June 2015 - The Vote

Thanks for the nominations - so our vote this month is between:

What if Cannes Celebrated the Worst, Not the Best of Advertising? by Tom Goodwin

Dump the Dogma - by Richard Huntingdon

Tomorrow Today by Gareth Kay

Will Advertising Ever Again Be About the People it Serves? by Tracey Follows

Advertising has Grown a Penis on its Face by Iain Tait

The Millennial Road Trip by Jess Greenwood

And you can vote below:

Post of the Month - June 2015 - Nominations


It's time to open nominations for Post of the Month. If there's a good post that you've read and that was posted in June you can nominate it direct or in the comments below. Lots of good writing that I could have included in my shortlist this month - I've picked four for starters, but do add to them with your own nominations and I'll put the long list up for the vote. So my starting four are:

What if Cannes Celebrated the Worst, Not the Best of Advertising? by Tom Goodwin

Dump the Dogma - by Richard Huntingdon

Tomorrow Today by Gareth Kay

Will Advertising Ever Again Be About the People it Serves? by Tracey Follows

Do add your own nominations.

Performance Firestarters 8: Data, Real-Time and Creativity


I think the relationship between data and creativity is one of the most interesting dynamics in our industry right now. Some parts of our sector are arguably under-estimating the role of ad tech and the potential impact of an ever-increasing role played by algorithms, others are seemingly under-playing what Tim Leake calls the 'art and craft of creating an unreasonably powerful piece of behavior-changing advertising'. Yet there is surely plenty of significant opportunities in how data can inform creative, how real-time and personalisation can enhance customer experience, and even for how creative can become highly adaptive at scale.

So for our eighth Performance Firestarters will be focusing on these challenging, but fascinating questions and as always we have a great line up of speakers. Since we've had such success in previous Firestarters with our short, punchy talk format, we will have five talks of no more than 15 minutes each that will come at the subject from a variety of perspectives.

Will Sansom, Director, Content & Strategy at Contagious will begin by talking about whether one day, we might see algorithms running agencies. Simon Andrews, from Addictive, will be talking about automating creativity at scale, Katherine Maryon from Periscopix and Alex Emberey from Ladder Digital will be giving their perspective on the new ways in which they're using data, algorithms and automation with creative, and author and content marketing specialist Jon Burkhart will be speaking about the power of real-time content. It's going to be a truly thought-provoking but fun evening.

The event takes place on July 9th, 6.00pm at Google Central St Giles, London. As always I have some free passes to give away to readers of this blog so if you'd like one, message me direct or leave a comment below.