How You Use Twitter Favourites

How Do You Use Twitter Favourites?

Twitter favourites
I have a question. SAI recently featured the graph above in their 'Chart Of The Day' feature showing the way in which favouriting of Tweets has taken off since interactions were included in the '@' section and incorporated under the 'Discover' tab. Since this had made favouriting more of a public thing, they suggest that the activity has quickly developed into a kind of Twitter 'fist-bump', or their answer to Facebook's or Instagram's 'Like'. 

Since the changes I've found myself using Twitter favourites a lot more and if the number of people favouriting my own tweets is anything to go by, so have many others. Except I don't use it in the way that SAI suggest. I use it instead to bookmark tweets in situations where I think it looks interesting but don't have time now to click through and read the piece that is being shared (often when I'm on the move or have poor connection). So for me, it's more akin to Instapaper functionality than Facebook. My hunch is that this is a very common behaviour but I'm genuinely curious to understand if I'm right or wrong in thinking that. So I thought I'd do a quick poll to find out. I'd really appreciate your view (if there is a different way in which you use the functionality, please tick 'other' and feel free to explain more in the comments) and will of-course share the results. So my question is: how do you use Twitter favourites?

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