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Post Of The Month - December 2012 - The Vote

Post Of The Month - December 2012 - Nominations


It's time to nominate your favourite reads from December for Post Of The Month. Again, some good reading to be had over the past month so as usual I've got a starting list below (which includes a couple of series, and a nomination I've already had). Please do add your own nominations in the comments below and when I have a good list I'll stick them all up for the vote. My starting four are:

The Web We Lost and Rebuilding The Web We Lost from Anil Dash

The Abundance Of Slowness from Matt Steel

Advertising is Dead, Long Live Advertising, Parts One, TwoThree and Four by Mel Exon

The Rise and #fail of the Guardian Facebook App by Martin Belam

And you can nominate your own in the comments.

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