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The Best Blog Posts Of 2012

Last year around this time I posted a list of some of my favourite posts from the year. As I said then I'm a big believer in celebrating great writing and thinking (it's the motivation behind doing Post Of The Month) so I'm doing it again. So here are fourteen posts (in no particular order, and just the number I arrived at) that I really enjoyed this year:

Myself, Quantified by Dan Hon

Make Things People Want or Make People Want Things? from John Willshire

What Closing A Magazine Tells You About Why You Had To Close A Magazine by David Hepworth

To The Father I Never Knew On Father's Day by Erik Proulx

What Will Matter In The Future by Stowe Boyd

Leaving The Guardian, Creativity vs Mild Depression, The Quantified Self, and Running by Dan Catt

5 Ideas Trapping The Ad Industry Right Now from Mark Pollard

Words I Hate by Martin Weigel

Graft and Craft: What Makes a Planner from Martin Weigel

Advertising Is Dying, Long Live Design from George Prest

Subcompact Publishing from Craig Mod

Two Cities from Heidi Hackemer

The Web We Lost by Anil Dash

The Abundance Of Slowness by Matt Steel

There's so many I could have included in this list and it's heartening that blogging continues to add such enormous value to the debate in our industry. My appreciation goes to all the bloggers who care enough to have continued to provide us with such thought-provoking and well articulated thinking this year.

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