What Is The Difference Between A Fad And A Trend?
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What Is The Difference Between A Fad And A Trend (redux)?

Thanks to everyone who took the time and trouble to contribute feedback in answer to the question I posed in the previous post. It was brilliant to be able to pass on some wise words from some good thinkers to the graduates at Squared 2012.

After I gave my talk, and before I revealed to them what everyone had said, I ran an open space session to get some debate going and they then spent a short time honing that thinking into some key themes which everyone then voted on. The winning definition from the graduates was: "A trend is a general behaviour over time. A fad is an extreme action related to that behaviour." I then wrapped up by giving them the answers contributed by the readers of this blog, and it was good to see a good degree of similarity. I've compiled the feedback from both into a few slides below - I have paraphrased some answers slightly for the sake of brevity but endeavoured to keep the meaning as intended. Thanks again to all those who participated.

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