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  The Bucket Brigade

So Bud Caddell, Strategy Director at Victors & Spoils, is writing a book. And as you may already know, is crowd-sourcing the funding through Kickstarter to enable him the time to write it. And I've decided to invest and support it (not my first investment on Kickstarter) and have joined his Editorial Board. Seems like I'm in some pretty auspicious company, which is nice.

Bud's original goal was to raise $5,000, but I've watched as the story has spread, and momentum has built (as is often the way) and so far he's secured over $8,800 in funding. He describes the book as being for "anyone interested in creating products that are not just market exchanges, but cultural exchanges – for anyone that wants to build or reshape an organization for doing business in a world gone digital – and for anyone just finding their footing in the marketing industry today". Bud has asked those who've supported the project to express their reasons for doing so. Mine are straightforward:

  • He's a smart guy, and is extremely generous with his smart thinking
  • Being part of his Editorial board enables me to be part of a collaborative process which I believe will be fun, and a learning experience
  • When I conducted my own crowd-sourcing experiment, I was overwhelmed with the support I got, and it was a hugely positive experience
  • Lots of people think (and talk) about writing a book (including me) so my last (and possibly overriding) reason is because he's got off his butt and done something about it
So, as I write there are still 6 days left to go before funding closes - go give him some support.
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