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Post Of The Month - January 2010 - The Vote

Post Of The Month - January 2010 - Nominations


Gosh. Lots of good reading has meant that I've ended up with quite a long starting list of nominations for the first Post Of The Month of the decade (or is it the second?). Anyhow, I've listed the nominations below, which includes one from Tim carried over from last month for Jim Stodgill's post. Please add your nominations in the comments below and I'll stick them all up for a vote. OK, so my starting six are:

Changing Strategy by Sam Ismail

The More You Try And Practice Agile, The Less Agile You Become from Stuart Eccles

Skinner Box? There's An App For That by Jim Stodgill

The Facebookisation Of The Enterprise by JP Rangaswami

To A Decade Unrealised from Bud Caddell

The Future of Planning: Convergence from Mark Hancock

Please nominate your own favourites below.

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