Post Of The Month - Nov '09 - Nominations
Post Of The Month - November '09 - The Winner

Post Of The Month - November '09 - The Vote

Thanks everyone for some excellent nominations this month. Couple of things: Michael - thanks for nominating Grant McCracken's post - I'm going to carry it forward to next month's vote as it was posted on Dec 1st (so just missed being included in this one). And Helge - thanks very much for nominating one of my posts - I've not included it only because we had such a long list of nominations (but thanks anyway), but I have included your nomination of Danah Boyd's excellent talk. OK, so our shortlist this month is:

Why Brand Planning Is Not As Good As Planning - Dave Trott

Crowdsourcing Advertising - Can It Work? - Amelia Torode

A Slap In The Face - Steve Henry

What Should The Ad Industry Take From TED? - George Nimeh

Crowdsourcing A Discussion On Crowdsourcing - Rick Liebling

The Unbranded Brand - Ed Cotton

Bookshops Are Not Dead - James Higgs

Is Marketing A Strategic Resource Or A Procured Commodity? - Randall Rothenburg

Streams of Content, Limited Attention: The Flow of Information through Social Media - Danah Boyd

And you can vote below:

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