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Dead Fish: Greatest Hits

 Greatest Hits

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OK, so seeing as how we're approaching the end of the decade and all that, the time seems apposite for a retrospective of sorts. A Greatest Hits if you like. So I've been back through the last few years of blogging and picked out a selection of posts, some of which have generated some interesting discussion, some of which were featured in Campaign's 'Best of the blogs' bit, and most of which have been tweeted, bookmarked, linked to and commented on the most. My thanks goes to everyone who has stopped by, participated in the discussion, and made this blog what it is. So, here's the track listing:

Side One:

Stop The War ...and mind your language while you're at it.

Agile Advertising ..."You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose"

Making Money From Social ... well, you did ask

Making Money From Social 2 ...the extended, 12 inch remix

Small Is Beautiful ...because it is

Toxic Assumptions ...there's a big difference between cultural and behavioural change

A Presentation About Community, By The Community ...created by the readers of this blog

Changing The Game ...because the game is all about change. If you hadn't noticed.

Side Two:

Firestarters ...why you should employ people who blog

Sacrificing The Sacred Cows order to create a purple cow, you have to get rid of a few sacred ones first.

Goodness & Happiness ...on the capacity of business to be generous. I may sound naive but you know what? I don't care

Goodness & Happiness 2 ...the presentation. Next generation business.

Consumers Are People ...well, because they are, dammit

What's Next In Media ...the deck that became the catalyst for lots of good stuff (and an e-mail from Clay Shirky)

Customer Relationship Metamorphosis ...the purpose of business is to keep customers, not just create them

The Irrelevance Of Digital ...the view from inside the world of advertising and media is not necessarily the same as that outside of it.

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