Post Of The Month - October '09 - Nominations
Post Of The Month - October '09 - The Winner

Post Of The Month - October '09 - The Vote

Thanks everyone for some great nominations this month. Couple of notes:- thanks very much to Michael for nominating one of my posts, but I've not included it in the shortlist this month solely because we had such a long list of nominations - this is not done out of false modesty, but only because I'd like to keep some kind of cap on the number I shortlist to keep it manageable - but thanks anyway - I'm flattered. And Pratap, I (usually) don't allow people to nominate their own posts so haven't included your nomination I'm afraid. OK, so our shortlist this month is:

So What Exactly Might 'Adaptive Brand Marketing' Be? Ben Malbon and Greg Anderson for BBH Labs

Stop Buying Customers by Helge Tenno

The Myth of Social Media Monitoring from Sean Howard

Behaviour Change, Revisited from Johnnie Moore

Pulling Off The Optimal Platform Job by Tim Malbon

Branding Landmarks from Mark Hadfield

Ten Signs That You're The problem by Neil Charles

AKQA internal beliefs by Nicholas Moerman

The 11 Fundamentals of Online Communities from Richard Millington

And you can vote below:

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