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“We applied the lens of advertising (interuptive, message-based) to new media. Instead we should apply the lens of new media (interactivity, iteration) to advertising”

This challenging presentation from Gareth and Jason was doing the rounds on twitter yesterday. I think it asks some good questions, and picks up on a theme I've written about before, and one on which there's been a couple of excellent posts recently - the need for a more agile, iterative, and adaptive approach to creative processes.

Jason and Gareth talk about the flow of information over time: "ideas as unfolding stories, a stream of iterations and interactions that invite people into the process". This makes sense in a world in which people are becoming content creators as much as they are consumers, and where content increasingly needs to be free-flowing and responsive, and services and applications need to be both scalable and portable. It's What Russell Davies once called 'designing for streams'. As my Mum used to say, it's all about the journey, not the destination.

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