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I've read a few things recently questioning the value of involvement in social technologies: how recession means retrenchment back to more 'traditional' models...meanwhile the big social networks continue to struggle to find a model that the vast majority of blogs are dormant so that means that blogging is on the wane...

I think this kind of perspective misses a huge point. The internet is one big social network. All media streams will become social. As Charlene Li once said, social networking will be like air, ubiquitous, all around us. It is irrelevant whether people prefer writing a blog, posting their pictures on flickr, or Facebook, or their passing thoughts on twitter, or whether they do all or any combination of the above - the point is is that they are doing it at all. It doesn't matter whether they have a blog or a Bebo profile, the point is is that they have a place on the web which gives them a platform. Dammit, people are social. And the internet is about people, not technology.

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