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A few weeks ago, Paul shared an excellent presentation on What's Next in Marketing & Advertising . I left a comment on his post about how I thought there could be a media and content perspective that would complement it, and he left one back saying he'd love to see it. So I've taken him at his word and put something together.

There's so much that could have gone into this (where would you stop?) but I've ended up focusing on the impact of social media - but then the internet is increasingly everywhere and social aspects are affecting all media streams, so I don't think there's any harm in that. I've used some slides from presentations I've already given, and I've also added some new ones. None of it feels radically new but it's good to have it pulled together in one place.

A lot of what I talk about draws on stuff I have written about on this blog, but I've also drawn from the thinking of people whose opinions I respect. I've tried to credit everything that needs crediting but if I've inadvertantly missed anything I'll happily ammend it (and sorry). Last thing to say I guess is that I think the story here is broader than just media and a lot of what I talk about applies to marketing and advertising as well. Unsurprising I suppose. After all, advertising is but a form of content, no? I hope you enjoy it.

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